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Triple One Psychology® offers you a choice of psychologist, times and locations.  In some circumstances we may offer home visiting.  You do not necessarilyneed a referral to see us.  If you want to receive Medicare rebates for our services, then you will need a referral from a doctor such as a General Practitioner (GP), or a Psychiatrist, or a Paediatrician.






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How can we help?

  • Listen with care.

  • Help you find answers.

  • Provide safety.

  • Help you develop a skill.

  • Assist you in problem solving.

  • Improve your feelings of wellbeing and wellness.


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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Support for Work Related Psychological Injuries
Court Reports
Meet our founding Psychologist,
Garry Raymond

From a very early age, Garry developed an above average awareness of mental health through extended family and the fact that both of his parents' had an active interest in psychology that they enthusiastically shared with family and friends alike.  As an adult he has become more aware through both direct and indirect experiences.  

Garry has been registered as a Psychologist for just over 30 years.  As a generalist psychologist, he has developed a wide area of interests.  In more than three decades his therapy and research work has put him in touch with thousands of people from all walks of life.  He has worked in Government (including in Courts), Universities, private companies and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), and has held senior and managerial positions in disability and in gambling help services.  

At appropriate times, Garry has worked with some of the most vulnerable members of the community including people with severe and multiple disabilities, and people who find themselves in the position of being victims of serious crime, as well as people who are either homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Garry has also enjoyed helping sporting identities and senior business executives in facing their most pressing career challenges, or just to improve their performance or skill in a specific area.

Garry had a part-time private practice for over 2 decades.  To take things further, he founded Triple One Psychology in 2013 and now is committed full-time to private practice.  His main base is the home office in the Western suburbs of Adelaide at Findon, with regular outreach services to Brahma Lodge and elsewhere. He is willing to provide services further afield including other suburbs of Adelaide and makes occasional visits to country SA.  

It is possible to access Garry's services from country locations over the internet using secure video conferencing.  An initial free trial of the technology can be negotiated.  All you need is good broadband internet and a suitable tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop computer.  You can even use a smartphone.  If preferred, this can be combined with face-to-face sessions at one of our offices or in your own preferred location by negotiation.


5 Alice Street 
Findon, SA 5023

69 Oxford Street 
Brahma Lodge, SA 5109

Available by prior arrangement:

CORE Physio - 586 North East Road 
Holden Hill, SA 5088

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